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  Chocolat! - Our Chocolate Shop In St Ives Cornwall

Visit Chocolat! St Ives.

Irrestistably delicious chocolate of the finest quality and the most unique flavours, now available to buy at our Online Specialist Chocolate Shop.

Enter our beautiful Parisean style Chocolate Shop in the pretty fishing town of St. Ives, Cornwall and the first thing you’ll notice is the wonderful comforting aroma of chocolate and coffee. The second thing you’ll notice is your uncontrollable urge to say MMmmmmm!

Well, much as we’d love to, we can’t quite recreate the aroma online, but what we can do is present to you our exciting & innovative range of chocolate, coffee beans & confectionery and make them all available to you, delivered to your own doorstep with a dash of Cornish sea air.

And if you really want a taste of Cornwall ( without the sound of seagulls squawking in the background ), then try our very own Cornish chocolate, eight heavenly flavours handmade especially for Chocolat! St. Ives on the windswept North Cornwall coast – a perfect combination when teamed with a hot coffee, made from our carefully selected range of coffee beans.

Or just treat yourselves to our mouth watering selection of old fashioned sweets, choose from lemon, strawberry & toffee bonbons, cherry lips & floral gums ( remember them! ) Sherbet pips, flying saucers, honeycomb, Turkish delight…….. the list goes on!

Did we mention the liquorice? And I mean ‘real’ natural soft eating liquorice – made in New Zealand using only the finest liquorice root…. What’s more it’s 97% fat free, can it get any better?

We hope so - enter ‘La petite maison du chocolat’ online – and enjoy!

Chocolat! Website

Chocolat! - St Ives Cornwall
Chocolat! - St Ives Cornwall
On The Digey - just off Fore Street.
01736 793518



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